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Syntax isn’t just brought to you by Sentry — we use Sentry to monitor our software and get notified about errors and performance regressions. Give Sentry a whirl for two months free with the code: tastytreat

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Nearly 4M developers and 100K organizations rely on Sentry to see what actually matters, solve what's urgent faster, and learn continuously about their code.

Find out why your code isn’t working how it should with the only developer-first application monitoring platform.

Why Sentry

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Get all the context you need to find the root cause of an issue.
Then fix it.

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Find slowdowns and fix them before your users ever know there's a problem.

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Session Replay

See what your users saw when they ran into an issue with a video-like reproduction.

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Code Coverage

Help your future self out, get ahead of production issues and deploy with confidence.

Still not convinced? That’s okay. You can explore our website for more info.

Key Resources

Get tips on solving common latency outages, updates on events, and join the conversation on our live streams with our DevRel team.

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