Sentry Adds Performance Monitoring for React Native, Android and Xamarin, Updates Flutter SDK

Application monitoring advancements deliver critical insight for mobile applications, adding code observability to ensure superior user experiences

SAN FRANCISCO — March 18, 2021Sentry, the leader in application monitoring, today announced it expanded its Performance Monitoring capabilities to support React Native, Android, and Xamarin applications along with updates to its Flutter SDK which provides new capabilities and support for several new languages. With a full suite of application monitoring capabilities, mobile developers can quickly and easily identify, investigate and remediate application errors and slowdowns while maintaining a complete picture of application health.

Organizations worldwide are racing to build apps that reach their customers where they are—from tablets and Chromebooks to smartphones and even cars. And creating exceptional user experiences across all devices and platforms is critical to remaining competitive. Frameworks that enable cross-platform development are rising in popularity. Used by roughly one-third of mobile developers, top frameworks include React Native, Xamarin, and Google’s Flutter. But whether a developer is building an app for Android or software for in-car experiences, a primary challenge is dealing with all the dependencies that can affect an application’s uptime and performance across multiple platforms.

“Developers are under pressure to build and maintain exceptional applications and experiences across a host of different mobile devices and operating systems. Sentry for Mobile arms them with immediate, actionable insights so that they can act quickly to remediate issues and prevent user churn,” said Milin Desai, CEO, Sentry. “These additions further expand our footprint, ensuring that all developers have visibility into the impact of their code—from frontend to backend—closing the observability gap and ensuring superior user experiences across all platforms and frameworks.”

React Native, Android, and Xamarin Updates Performance monitoring for React Native, Android, and Xamarin enables development teams to more quickly identify performance issues by tracing them to poor-performing API calls along with related errors. Sentry can also help developers surface trends to proactively prevent future performance issues, saving time and dramatically reducing costs.

Flutter SDK Updates Originally built in partnership with Google, Sentry for Flutter can now capture errors across Kotlin, Java for Android, Swift, Objective-C for iOS, and C/C++. When the Flutter engine itself throws an exception, Sentry can capture that too. With Flutter and Sentry, developers can fix issues once and have the solution work everywhere—on Android, iOS, or any supported platforms. Recently, Sentry also added support to null-safety. Developers can see errors and crashes that were introduced in every release, learn and analyze event data to reduce regressions and ultimately improve user adoption and engagement. Sentry also symbolicates Flutter-obfuscated Android builds and captures user interface events and HTTP requests as breadcrumbs. Other new capabilities include offline caching and fatal crash support, which ensures reports are sent even if a user’s device goes offline or a fatal crash occurs.

Building on Innovation Since launching Sentry for Mobile, the company has expanded its footprint to include all major mobile platforms and languages, and it continues to innovate, adding features that deliver critical visibility into the health of applications. All of Sentry’s major SDKs capture session data and report on how a release is performing with Release Health. Teams can track crash-free sessions, crash-free users and version adoption of their mobile applications. In the event a release is trending poorly, Sentry will immediately surface issues introduced in the release and pinpoint exactly where a release began to erode. With insights about version adoption and session data, teams can prioritize issues that have the most impact on users, analyze how releases perform over time, and free up developers to work on value-adding projects.

Now serving 68,000 organizations worldwide, Sentry is reshaping application monitoring to make it faster, easier and more cost-effective for developers to keep their digital services and applications performing flawlessly across all platforms. Visit the company blog to read about the updates to Sentry’s SDKs for React Native, Android, and Flutter.

About Sentry Sentry’s mission is to eliminate the havoc and potential financial loss associated with defective software by making best-in-class application monitoring available to all software teams. Sentry helps developers discover, triage, and prioritize code errors and performance bottlenecks in real time in order to deliver the best possible end-user experiences complementing your systems monitoring tools. More than 68,000 organizations worldwide — and many of the world’s best software companies — including Atlassian, Cloudflare, Disney, GitHub, and Microsoft, use Sentry to diagnose, fix, and optimize the performance of their code. Learn more at or follow Sentry on GitHub, Twitter, Dribbble or LinkedIn.

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