Mobile Crash Reporting and App Monitoring

No Crashes, No Lags, No Sweat

Solve crashes and performance issues fast, before they affect your customers. Find and fix root causes with actionable insights, save time with custom workflows, and optimize app quality with a complete mobile monitoring solution.

20,000+ mobile teams rely on Sentry for the stability and performance of their mobile apps

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Resolve Crashes Faster with Complete Context and Automated Workflows

Customize alerts to take action on crashes and errors before they become widespread. Mobile crash reporting lets your team investigate crashes by device type, OS, and release with actionable, real-time insights, including breadcrumbs, screenshots, stack traces, and suspect commits. Triage and assign issues for fast resolution.

Build Experiences Worthy of Five Star Reviews

Identify and solve mobile application performance issues, like long app start times, janky frame rendering, and slow HTTP requests, before they impact your customer’s experience. With Profiling, collect and analyze code from real user devices in production so you can quickly see which functions are contributing to a slow span and fix what’s urgent faster.

Focus on Building, not Troubleshooting

Reduce context switching and troubleshooting time with a single, centralized platform for mobile app monitoring and crash reporting as well as web and backend. With Distributed Tracing, identify backend issues that may affect mobile performance, without consulting other tools or engineers.

Sentry vs Firebase Crashlytics

Unlike Firebase Crashlytics, Sentry provides actionable insights into crashes and errors, customizable workflow tools, and product investments to enable innovation and scale.


Firebase Crashlytics

SDK Coverage

Android, iOS, React Native, Flutter, .NET MAUI, Kotlin Multiplatform, Cordova, Capacitor, Unity, Unreal
Android, iOS, Flutter, Unity

Context and Insights

Offers metadata, stack traces, breadcrumbs, suspect commits, screenshots, view hierarchy

Offers metadata, stack traces, keys, logs

Source Map support for React Native
No Source Map support for React Native
Search and filter by custom tags; View trends and analyze data with Dashboards and Discover
Limited search and filter capabilities; Export and analyze data in BigQuery


Fully customizable alerts
Pre-set alerts
Automatic issue assignment and notifications
No issue assignment or targeted notifications
Two-way data flow between other tools
One-way data flow to other tools

Innovation & Scale

Product investments focused on enabling developers to adopt new technologies
Product investments focused on deeper integration with Firebase Platform
Vendor agnostic
Reliant on Firebase Platform
EU Data residency
Not GDPR compliant

Top development teams chose Sentry to build stable and high quality mobile apps.

"We had been using Firebase Crashlytics to get insights into app crashes that our users are facing. Crashlytics, however, does not support source maps from React Native, so it was always difficult trying to understand exactly where a crash originated from and what change might've introduced it. Sentry makes it easy to identify new crashes and where they are coming from, as well as how stable the app is across versions."
Frikkie Snyman
Tech Lead
"We use Sentry for all of our mobile use cases related to stability and performance, from crash rates to hang rates. With features like stack traces, error grouping, and tagging, it’s easier to get aggregate data and create conclusions."
Walt Leung
Platform Engineer
"Adding issue grouping, custom alerts, context and release health while improving ownership saved us 2 hours per release, reduced noise throughout the development environment and gave us the metrics to gauge the quality of our applications on a global scale."
Pero Smiljkov
Senior Engineering Manager

Sentry supports native and cross-platform frameworks

  • Android
  • Apple
  • React
  • Flutter
  • Dot Net
  • Unity
  • Is your data secure?
    You better believe it.

    Just look at all the high-quality security
    features all accounts get, regardless of plan.

    • Two-Factor Auth
    • Single Sign-On support
    • Organization audit log
    • SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001 certified
    • HIPAA attestation
    • PII data scrubbing
    • SSL encryption
    • Data Processing Addendum (includes latest EU SCCs)
    • Privacy Shield certified

    Get Started in Minutes

    Solve crashes and performance issues fast, before they affect your customers.


    Mobile crash reporting significantly enhances app quality by identifying and resolving issues that cause crashes and instability. It offers real-time insights into crash occurrences, enabling developers to diagnose root causes and prioritize bug fixes effectively. This proactive approach prevents frequent disruptions, ensuring smoother app functionality and higher user satisfaction.

    Mobile application monitoring is essential for teams that want to deliver positive mobile experiences. It is the process of observing and analyzing overall application health, including stability, performance, and user experience. A variety of factors can influence mobile performance, including application code, device type, server load, and network connectivity. Mobile application monitoring helps developers identify and quantify issues with application stability and performance, like the number of crashes over a specific period of time, so they can prioritize and solve root causes.

    Sentry offers SDKs for native frameworks (Android and iOS), as well as cross-platform frameworks (Flutter, React Native, .net Maui) and Unity.

    Sentry doesn’t impact mobile performance. If you look at the configuration options when you initialize Sentry in your code, you'll see there's nothing regarding minimizing its impact on your app's performance. This is because our team of SDK engineers already developed Sentry with this in mind. With only a few lines of code and no agents, you can implement Sentry quickly without worrying about the impact on your app’s performance.

    Our SDKs are designed to be non-blocking, running asynchronously in a background thread. They consume negligible memory and processing power.

    Crashlytics is a lightweight, mobile-only tool that only reports critical crash rates for Android, iOS, Flutter, and Unity (but not React Native). It does not offer deep context into issues with suspect commits, codeowners, and automatic non-fatal error capture; holistic monitoring from frontend to backend; or collaboration tools like issue triage or assignment.

    Sentry is a fullstack error and performance monitoring solution that provides actionable insights into crashes across devices and app versions as well as powerful collaboration tools, helping teams troubleshoot and resolve issues faster. Learn more.

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