Fixing ChunkLoadErrors in JavaScript

Jodi Jang

What are Chunk Load Errors?

ChunkLoadErrors occur when the JavaScript chunks (bundles) that an application is trying to load encounter issues during the loading process. Some common causes are dynamic imports, version mismatching, and code splitting issues.

How to Fix Chunk Load Errors?

Since ChunkLoadErrors can occur due to various reasons, there are multiple ways to fix these errors.

Old Files Cannot be Found

When a new deploy occurs, the files are changed. Some users may have the older files downloaded, if they do not refresh their page. This causes the ChunkLoadError since the chunks cannot be found.

There are a few possible solutions if this is the problem:

Framework-Specific Reasons

Next.js: Version is not Compatible

Some users experienced ChunkLoadErrors being resolved in Next.js projects after changing their Next.js version. Many have seen that downgrading to next@13.3.4 has solved the Chunk Load Error issues.

Filtering Chunk Load Errors

If you use Sentry, you can add an inbound filter for Chunk Load Errors if you do not want to see them. You can manage these filters in [Project] > Settings > Inbound Filters.

Get Started With Sentry

Get actionable, code-level insights to resolve JavaScript performance bottlenecks and errors.

  1. Create a free Sentry account

  2. Create a JavaScript project and note your DSN

  3. Grab the Sentry JavaScript SDK

<script src=""></script>
  1. Configure your DSN
Sentry.init({ dsn: 'https://<key><project>' });

Check our documentation for the latest instructions.

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