How to update Kotlin in Android Studio

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The Problem

You can avoid unexpected issues by keeping the Kotlin versions in your project updated, especially when updating Gradle versions.

Each Kotlin version has a minimum and maximum supported Gradle version and using incompatible versions may cause errors such as:

BUILD FAILED in 8s [!] Your project requires a newer version of the Kotlin Gradle plugin. Find the latest version on, then update project/android/build.gradle: ext.kotlin_version = '<latest-version>' Exception: Gradle task assembleDebug failed with exit code 1

The Solution

When updating Kotlin to the latest version, update the Android Gradle plugin (AGP), Gradle, and the Java Development Kit (JDK) to avoid incompatibility issues.

First, open the project-level build.gradle file located in the root of your project and update the plugins block. The example below will update Kotlin to version 1.9.20:

plugins { id '' version '8.2.2' apply false id '' version '8.2.2' apply false id '' version '1.9.20' apply false }

The lines containing and update the Android Gradle plugin.

Next, update Gradle by navigating to the gradle/ file and changing the version number in the distributionUrl. Here we’re using Gradle version 8.2:


To update the JDK to use Java 17, open the app/build.gradle file and update the following lines:

compileOptions { sourceCompatibility JavaVersion.VERSION_17 targetCompatibility JavaVersion.VERSION_17 } kotlinOptions { jvmTarget = '17' }

Finally, update the Gradle JDK in Android Studio Settings. Go to File (or Android Studio on macOS) > Settings > Build, Execution, Deployment > Build Tools > Gradle and change the “Gradle JDK” field to “17”.

Gradle JDK Settings

For more information about the Android build system, visit

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