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List all files in a Git commit

List all files in a Git commit

David Y.

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How do I get a list of all files that were affected by a given commit in a Git repository?

The Solution

The simplest way to do this is by using git show with the --name-only flag:

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git show --name-only $COMMIT_HASH

This command will output the commit metadata, the commit message, and then a list of filenames that were added, modified, or deleted in the commit.

To see how each file was affected (added, modified, or deleted), we can use the --name-status flag instead:

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git show --name-status $COMMIT_HASH

To remove the commit message from the output, we can add the --oneline flag:

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git show --name-only --oneline $COMMIT_HASH git show --name-status --oneline $COMMIT_HASH

This will still show the commit metadata in the first line of the output. To produce an output containing only the names of affected files, we must specify --pretty with an empty format string:

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git show --name-only --pretty=format:
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