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Apparently, you’re not the only application monitoring enthusiast. There are at least six.

Technical Video Series

Images can make or break your website's performance

A picture is worth a thousand words. But, if that picture fails to load or ruins your website, then how much is it worth?

Believe it or not, we’ve been using images in our web pages since 1993, since the days of Netscape! We’ve used them to support and enhance our text content, and even to decorate our websites and make them look prettier. But, as much as can images bring value, they can also ruin the credibility of our website and the experience of our visitors. We need to make sure that the images bolster rather than burden our websites.

This section of articles focused on optimizing images and handling errors connected to images will help you strike that crucial balance between visual appeal and good website performance.

Nerdy Talk

A community of people who’ll get your UDP joke.

Ask questions, find answers, and connect with other people who get weirdly excited about application monitoring.

  • Collect feedback on projects
  • Discover hidden Sentry features
  • Commiserate over the world’s broken software
  • Bond over the apps and integrations you love (and even better, the ones you hate)
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