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Apparently, you’re not the only application monitoring enthusiast. There are at least six.

Flutter Live Coding with Lazar

Tuesday's/Thursday's 10am - 12pm PT

Sentry's newest developer advocate Lazar Nikolov is building apps with Flutter, instrumented with Sentry of course. Join him Tuesdays & Thursdays.

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DEX Meetups

From casual hang outs to mini-conferences, join us at our next DEX Meetup, coming to a city near you.

Nerdy Talk

A community of people who’ll get your UDP joke.

Ask questions, find answers, and connect with other people who get weirdly excited about application monitoring.

  • Collect feedback on projects
  • Discover hidden Sentry features
  • Commiserate over the world’s broken software
  • Bond over the apps and integrations you love (and even better, the ones you hate)
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A noun meaning “web seminar” that proves tech companies shouldn’t invent words.

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