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Keeping Uptime at 99.999% with Mobile Error Monitoring for Dovetail

Dovetail helps design, build, and scale ambitious new technology companies — companies like Afterpay — one of the fastest growing fintech companies in the world, with millions of users and a $15B valuation.

In order to develop products with this type of scale and performance, they required a robust application monitoring platform to stay on top of issues. When deciding to use Sentry, Dovetail’s CTO, Toby Cox, explained, “We needed a rock solid error monitoring solution that we could rely on and would allow us to react quickly to issues.”

We needed a rock solid error monitoring solution that we could rely on and would allow us to react quickly to issues.

Helping fast-growing companies scale business, while keeping uptime at 99.999% and maintaining high developer velocity, have all been key factors driving Dovetail’s ability to establish long-term trusted partnerships. Sentry has allowed Dovetail to succeed with these performance goals by making sure that the development team can identify, triage, and solve issues efficiently.

Robust Mobile Error Reporting

Toby found that other services offering error reporting for mobile applications were often lacking the information and context required for developers to efficiently solve errors. Sentry changed that mindset for Toby, delivering a strong mobile error monitoring experience, as well as providing an officially supported React Native library which allowed Toby’s team to get detailed and accurate error reports and quickly track down any errors. Toby also feels Sentry delivers the nicest UI of any error tracking platform, and for a design focused organization like Dovetail, this is an important feature.

Dovetail engineering did consider alternative solutions before incorporating Sentry, but everything they looked at offered limited, platform-specific features. Since Dovetail also delivers React Native applications it was important to leverage an application monitoring platform that could deliver on multiple platforms. Sentry also stood out to because of the wealth of integrations available out of the box.

Uptime and Performance with Sentry

Dovetail developers rely on Sentry to quickly respond to issues, determine severity, and resolve the problems before they impact users. Unlike other development agencies, Dovetail also offers 24/7 mission-critical support. Yup, that’s right, not only do they build high quality software for you, they guarantee it by maintaining it. The company’s clients can rest assured that Dovetail has their back. Sentry’s application monitoring has helped Dovetail quickly respond to issues, easily determine the severity — even in the middle of the night — and resolve those issues right away.

According to Toby, the main benefit has been happy users. Afterpay is the highest rated top 20 app in the Australian App Store with a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. With Sentry, Dovetail has created a platform that ensures uptime and performance, which means successful Dovetail clients, with exceptional products.

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