React Native Crash Reporting and Performance Monitoring

Cross Platform, Zero Crashes

Get your crash-rate to zero (almost but not really) and launch time under a second with the top solution for React Native crash reporting and performance monitoring. Identify and fix every crash with real time insights and source map support, track and solve React Native performance issues with full stack visibility, and save time with efficient workflows.

20,000+ mobile teams rely on Sentry for the stability and performance of their mobile apps

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Solve Crashes Fast with Customized Alerts, Stack Traces, and Automated Workflows

Create customized alerts to take action on crashes and React Native errors before they become widespread. Investigate crashes by device type, OS, and release with actionable, real-time React Native crash reporting insights — including breadcrumbs, stack traces, and suspect commits. Apply source maps automatically to get unminified stack traces. Triage and assign issues for fast resolution.

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Build React Native Apps Worthy of Five Star Reviews

Identify and solve React Native performance issues, like long app start times, janky frame rendering, slow XHR and fetch requests, and lags in User Interaction events before they impact your customer’s experience.

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Spend Less Time Troubleshooting and More Time Building

Reduce context switching with a single, centralized platform for React Native crash reporting and performance monitoring across projects and clients. With Distributed Tracing, identify backend issues that may affect the performance of your React Native app, without consulting other tools or engineers.

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  • All Your Errors and Performance Issues in One Place

    Track and solve error and performance issues related to your mobile application from the same centralized platform you use to monitor your web app or backend.

    “We had been using Firebase's Crashlytics to get insights into app crashes that our users are facing. Crashlytics, however, does not support source maps from React Native, so it was always difficult trying to understand exactly where a crash originated from and what change might've introduced it. Sentry makes it easy to identify new crashes and where they are coming from, as well as how stable the app is across versions.”

    Frikkie Snyman
    Tech Lead

    Getting Started is Simple

    Add and a the @sentry/react-native dependency:

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    npx @sentry/wizard@latest -s -i reactNative

    Wrap your root component:

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    export default Sentry.wrap(App);

    Check our documentation for the latest instructions.

    How to install the React Native SDK


    Yes, Sentry has support for react-native builds that use the hermes engine. Hermes is a small and lightweight JavaScript engine optimized for running React Native on Android. It helps improve app performance and also exposes ways to analyze the performance of the JavaScript that it runs. Read more.

    Yes. The RAM bundle format is an approach to packaging React Native apps that optimizes your app's startup time. With RAM bundles, it is possible to load to memory only those modules that are needed for specific functionality, and only when needed. All the existing RAM bundle formats are explained in detail in the Metro Bundler documentation.

    Yes. Sentry does support the New Architecture, including all the Pillars: Fabric, Turbo Modules, and Codegen. To access this support, migrate to the latest React Native SDK. Learn more.

    Crashlytics is a lightweight, mobile-only tool that only reports critical crash rates for Android. It does not offer deep context into issues with suspect commits, codeowners, and automatic non-fatal error capture; holistic monitoring from frontend to backend; or collaboration tools like issue triage or assignment. Unlike Sentry, Crashlytics does not offer support for React Native out-of-the-box.

    Sentry is a fullstack error and performance monitoring solution that provides actionable insights into crashes across devices and app versions as well as powerful collaboration tools, helping teams troubleshoot and resolve issues faster. Unlike Crashlytics, Sentry provides out-of-the-box support for React Native. Learn more.

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    Tips for Optimizing React Native Application Performance

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