Distributed Tracing

Sometimes an issue in one project is caused by a problem in another or a slow API call. Sentry's distributed tracing lets you trace every problem right to its root cause.

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Learn about Tracing

With Sentry’s performance monitoring, you can trace performance issues to poor-performing api calls and slow database queries.

Distributed Tracing 101 for Full Stack Developers

Learn the ins-and-outs of distributed tracing and how it can assist you in monitoring the increasingly complex requirements of full stack applications.

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Tracing for the Frontend (to the Backend)

Join Dustin Bailey (Solutions Engineer) as he shows how developers can trace those pesky performance issues to poor-performing API calls & slow database queries across all your services.

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Find the Root Cause Faster with Trace View and Trace Navigator

Trace View and Trace Navigator give you a throughline between transactions across all your projects.

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Learn about Suspect Spans

Find the slowest operation or “work” taking place on your service. All without having to click into each trace.

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Get to the Root of Every Problem

Improve Performance

Trace those 10-second page loads to poor-performing API calls and its children. The event detail waterfall visually highlights what calls are giving your customers a poor experience and provides a level of context from user device data to the expected operation.

See the Whole Picture

With the trace view, you can drill down into the details of a single trace and traverse every transaction in that trace. This will accelerate your ability to debug slow services, identify related errors, and root out other bottlenecks. There are multiple entry points to get to the trace view.

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From the Frontend to the Backend

Leverage distributed tracing tools to uncover key breakpoints across your stack. From measuring the time between “submit order” and order confirmation appearing for e-commerce applications, to monitoring performance of your backend processing external service data into internal services, tracing allows you to understand how interconnected systems interact and where complex issues originated.

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