Get C# error monitoring with complete stack traces

See the detail you need, whether your app is C#, .NET Core, or .NET Framework.

Enable asynchronous reporting so errors are logged quickly in a background task.

Capture a message without being bound by a C# exception.

Fill in the blanks about C# errors

Expose the important events that led to each C# error: storage exceptions, past errors, SQL queries.

See the full picture of any C# exception

Aggregate errors by factors like runtime, operating system, and build number to see what’s new, a priority, or a trend.

Assign custom key-value tags to reproduce the error environment specific to your application, business, and users.

  • “Was the bug runtime- or OS-specific? Mono on macOS?”
  • “What pushed the stack from underflow to overflow?”
  • “What transaction actually caused the app to crash?”
  • “In which C# release version did the bug occur?”
  • “Was it the kraken?”

Resolve C# errors with max efficiency, not max effort

Improve workflow with a full view of releases so you can mark errors as resolved and prioritize live issues.

Learn in which version a bug first appeared, merge duplicates, and know if things regress in a future release.

Add commit data to automatically suggest an owner of each C# error and instantly send deploy emails.

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C# debugging that looks nice too Have some self-respect while you monitor errors

A screenshot of the Sentry crash reporting dashboard
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