Application Profiling (Beta)

Improve application performance with detailed code-level insight in production, all on real user devices.

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Profiling Sneak Peek

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Optimize resource consumption to reduce latency

Find the exact functions and lines of code that are causing performance bottlenecks, like excessive CPU usage, in your application. Visualize stack traces as a flamechart to identify hot code paths that are consuming the most resources and impacting end user experience. Supported for Python, Node, Android, and iOS.

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Analyze how your code performs on real user devices

Automatically profile code from every environment your application is running on. Increase the precision of your performance monitoring to get to the root cause faster with real data on how your software runs on any device.

Enhance performance test quality with minimal overhead

See your code’s performance in production to diagnose performance issues and fix the problem in real-time. Profiling reduces the overhead cost of building and maintaining automated performance tests— and runs with close to zero impact on your application performance.

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The Sentry difference

Easy Set Up

No Agents needed. 5 lines of code is all it takes.

Code-Centric Monitoring

Connect performance issues to the line of code causing latency.

Reduce MTTR

See where you code is slow, so you can fix .

Tied to the Business

Align the team on app performance, quality, and release frequency.

Profiling gives you a detailed insight into how your application performs in production, on real user devices. We periodically capture information about the code that is running in your app during a performance transaction, which can later be analyzed using the Sentry dashboard to find long-running functions that may use excessive resources (like CPU) on the device and contribute to a poor user experience. When your users are frustrated about why your app takes a long time to launch or stutters while scrolling, profiling can help provide the answer and point you to the code that is causing the issue.

Performance transactions can tell you what is slow and how long it takes, and profiling helps you understand why it’s slow, from a code-level perspective. Think of profiling as a way to take a magnifying glass to a transaction/span and understand exactly what’s happening in the app while that transaction/span is captured, giving you the additional information that you can use to debug and fix the issue.

We currently support iOS and Android native profiling through the native iOS and Android SDKs. This means we don’t currently support apps built with React Native or Flutter. Other platforms are in the works, including the most popular server runtimes.

You’ll first have to enable performance monitoring in your app. Profiling hooks into the existing performance transactions in your app so there is no additional work to integrate beyond just enabling profiling in the SDK configuration.

Profiling will be free to use while in beta. We will share more information on pricing in the coming months. Stay tuned.

Get Instrumented, No Agents Needed

With code coverage for every major language, save time and angst by proactively finding the source of latency problems without having to manually stitch together user transactions.

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