Livestream AMA: Profiling to Solve Code-Level Performance Bottlenecks

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Want to catch performance bottlenecks in production without writing manual performance tests and searching through spans? Join the Sentry engineers building Profiling as they share how to use this tool to see the exact lines of code or functions causing slowdowns in your application.

During this livestream, the team will dive into Profiling – which gives you code-level insight into your application performance. From flamecharts to functions and slow frames – you’ll get the whole scoop on how to optimize your resource consumption to prevent slow load times and UI jank.

In this session, you’ll get:

  • A live demo of Profiling
  • Examples of how to troubleshoot performance issues faster with Profiling


  • Indragie Karunaratne

    Staff Software Engineering Manager, GitHub

  • Ashish Koul

    Senior Product Manager

  • Linda Ye

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