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Works with every major language. For personal projects and early-stage applications.

  • Real-time error tracking
  • Intelligent deduplication
  • Support for every language


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For apps and teams primed to grow. Add as many members and projects as you need.

  • Third-party integrations
  • Commit and deploy tracking
  • On-demand events


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Get more control over your resolution workflow and deeper insight into relevant events.

  • Advanced analytics
  • SAML Single Sign-on
  • Data volume controls

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Get enterprise security and custom SLAs to support business-critical application performance.

  • High volume pricing
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Pay for what you use

If you send more errors than you have paid for, you will be charged monthly for the additional on-demand errors you send.

Errors Price

$0.00026/event (with annual contract)



$0.00080/event (with annual contract)



  • What is included in the free trial?

    When you’re ready, you can start a 14-day free trial which lets you send unlimited errors to better understand your average usage. The trial also unlocks Sentry’s advanced features from the Business plan including filtering & Discover.

  • What happens when my free trial expires?

    When your trial expires we'll downgrade you to our free tier which is limited to a single member and up to 5k errors per month.

  • What does Sentry count as an event?

    Sentry counts each error as an event. When you send us a crash report or exception, we count it. Additional metadata does not count as an event.

  • What happens when I exceed my reserved errors?

    Errors vary from month to month, so we recommend that you configure On-demand capacity to preserve key data if you exceed your quota, otherwise additional errors will be dropped. Business plans include granular rate limits to ensure that one project does not drain all your company’s quota.

  • Is there a limit to the number of projects, members, integrations, or releases?

    All paid Sentry plans include unlimited projects, platforms, members, integrations, and releases.

  • How do I avoid unexpected, large charges?

    We let you set a cap on the maximum amount of on-demand errors that you can be charged for. You can also set rate limits to prevent unexpected spikes of errors from chewing through your pre-paid and on-demand event capacities.

  • Can I enable SSO for my organization?

    Google and GitHub SSO are included in all paid plans. SAML is available on our Business and Enterprise plans.

  • Who sees my errors?

    Sentry’s security focus lets you control who in your organization can see specific errors. You can easily add team members, and even create shared links to collaborate on specific projects to enable faster debugging across your organization.

  • More questions? Check out our pricing documentation.