Debugging React Native Apps End-to-End: AMA with Experts from Meta and Sentry


With React Native, you can create native apps for Android, iOS, and more, in less time with less code. But debugging cross-platform apps can be challenging. In this AMA, hear tips and best practices from React Native experts, including developers from Meta and Expo.

Nicola, Alex, Cedric, and Krystof covered:

  • Strategies for identifying and resolving crashes in React Native apps
  • Developer tooling in React Native today and how it relates to web development
  • Future plans for React Native, including Metro and the New Architecture


  • Nicola Corti photo

    Nicola Corti

  • Alex Hunt photo

    Alex Hunt

  • Krystof Woldrich photo

    Krystof Woldrich

    Software Engineer, Sentry

  • Lazar Nikolov photo

    Lazar Nikolov

    Developer Advocate, Sentry

  • Cedric van Putten photo

    Cedric van Putten

    Software Consultant, Expo

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