Debugging your Next.js project with Sentry


Join us as we show how to get started with Sentry with your Next.js app. In this workshop we walked through the Sentry basics, how to identify a few Next.js specific issues, and whether an error occurred on the client or server.

This session covered:

  • Connecting your source code to view un-minified stack traces
  • Adding event context with custom tags
  • Setting up effective issue assignment and alerting
  • Connecting frontend and backend errors
  • Viewing video-like playbacks with Session Replay

Get all the basics to monitoring and debugging your Next.js applications with Sentry in this 7-part video series with Sarah Guthals and Lazar Nikolov.


  • Sarah Guthals photo

    Sarah Guthals

    Head of Developer RelationsSentry

  • Lazar Nikolov photo

    Lazar Nikolov

    Developer AdvocateSentry

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