Session Replay Open Beta AMA

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You know that annoying bug? The one that doesn’t show up locally? And no matter how many times you try to recreate the environment you can’t reproduce it? You’ve gone through the breadcrumbs, read through the stack trace, and are now playing detective to piece together support tickets to make sure it’s real.

To help you remove the guesswork and fix the issue faster - without rolling your head on your keyboard - join Sentry engineers Bruno Garcia and Josh Ferge along with PM Jasmin Kassas to see what they’ve been building for Session Replay.

During this livestream, the team will dive into Session Replay to share how you can use a video-like reproduction of user interactions on your app to identify, reproduce, and resolve errors and performance issues faster.

Plus, in this session you’ll get:

  • Product questions answered live
  • Open beta updates
  • Tips on how to get started

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  • Jasmin Kassas

  • Bruno Garcia

  • Josh Ferge

    Software Engineer, Sentry, Sentry

  • Angela Jiang

    Product Marketing Manager, Sentry, Sentry

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