Taming the Kraken: Managing a Python Monolith with Sentry


In this customer workshop, David Winterbottom, principal software engineer at Kraken Technologies, shared an inside look into how he and his team develop, deploy, and maintain a rapidly evolving Python monorepo with over 4 million lines of code that powers the Kraken utility platform.

Learn how David and his department of 500 developers, who deploy around 200 times a day, use Sentry to reduce noise, prioritize issues, and maintain code quality–without relying on a dedicated QA team. Here’s what they covered:

  • How to find and fix root causes of crashes
  • Ways to prioritize the most urgent crashes and errors
  • Tips to streamline your workflow


  • David Winterbottom photo

    David Winterbottom

    Head of EngineeringKraken Technologies

  • Salma Alam-Naylor photo

    Salma Alam-Naylor

    Senior Dev AdvocateSentry

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