Lunch & Learn: Tracing with Smugmug

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Errors are half the story. Left untreated, performance problems can become errors. If your customers experience timeouts or slow page loads caused by downstream performance issues, you may not know until it’s too late. To see the full story, tie your errors to your application’s performance. In one view you can sort transactions by slowest duration time, related issues, longest operations, and the number of users having a slow experience.

Join us for a fireside chat with Sentry’s Ben Vinegar, VP of Engineering and SmugMug’s Mike Diaz, Lead Frontend Developer. They’ll talk about how you can trace performance issues to poor-performing api calls and slow database queries to:

  • Uncover what occurred for a specific error event or issue
  • Identify conditions that cause bottlenecks or latency issues in your application
  • Improve endpoints or operations that consume the most time


  • Ben Vinegar

  • Mike Diaz

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