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Users and logs provide clues Sentry provides answers

Know when things break

Get notifications via email, sms, or chat when new errors occur or old ones resurface.

An illustration of email, text message, and chat notification. In the center is a flame icon.
An illustration of a glove, highlighting specific areas with warnings.

See the impact of each release

If things break, you’ll know where errors are happening, how often they happen, and who is affected.

Quickly diagnose and fix issues

Know what’s breaking and how to reproduce the problem, without waiting for user reports.

An abstract illustration of code files, highlighting specific code in a specific file.

Customers are happiest when they are in control …even when things are broken

A computer screen showing a modal window with the text “Everything is not fine.”

Give users the power to help

Automatically prompt users for feedback so they know that you know things aren’t working.

A computer screen showing a modal window with the text “Everything is fine now.”

Let them know things are better

Reach out to affected users to let them know they’ve experienced an error and that help is on the way.

Seriously though, stop hoping your users will report bugs.

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