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Code breaks, fix it faster

Application monitoring software considered "not bad" by 4 million developers.

100,000+ Growing Teams Use Sentry to Find Problems Fast

When your app breaks, fix it faster with Sentry

Error Monitoring

Identify, debug, and resolve

Triage issues based on impacted customers

Get all the context. Sentry will tell you the environment, device, OS, even the very commit that introduced the error - down to the broken line of code.

Keep your entire team informed with custom alerts in Slack, two-way sync issues with Jira, and track releases from GitHub, Vercel, or Netlify.


Don't just observe. Take action.

With Tracing, see the complete, end-to-end path that data takes through your distributed system to pinpoint the exact origin of an issue. Navigate to a trace from a correlated metric, specific issue, or search.

Sentry automatically detects and notifies you of critical performance issues so you can trace every slow transaction to a poor-performing API call or DB query.

Track and visualize custom data points across services and proactively spot any spikes, dips, or other anomalies.

Session Replay

See what your users are seeing

Navigate your application’s console output, network calls, and even inspect your application’s DOM tree. It’s like your browser’s dev tools right inside Sentry.

Lock down your debugging experience without sacrificing user privacy with a range of privacy controls to ensure no sensitive user information leaves the browser.

See dead clicks and rage clicks in the Replay view to understand where users are getting stuck.

Code Coverage

Get ahead of production issues

Code coverage pull request comments allow you to quickly analyze your PR's coverage and risk without leaving your workflow.

Catch software issues early in the development process, preventing them from escalating into more complex and time-consuming problems.

Create custom statuses and group coverage in your repo without modifying your test setup using Flags and Components.

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Getting Started Platforms Scrolling Logo Background
Getting Started Platforms Scrolling Logo Background
Getting Started Platforms Scrolling Logo Background
Getting Started Platforms Scrolling Logo Background
Getting Started Platforms Scrolling Logo Background

Getting started is simple

We support every technology (except the ones we don't).
Get started with a few lines of code.

Just run this commmand to sign up for and install Sentry.

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npx @sentry/wizard@latest -i nextjs

That's it. Be sure to check out our documentation to ensure you have the latest instructions.

Sentry’s high-quality tooling helps Disney+ maintain high-quality service to its tens of millions of global subscribers.
Andrew Hay
Director of Streaming Services
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Think about our 150+ developers and multiply that by the number of issues we see across our services and clients - it’s insane the amount of developer time we’ve saved.
Roni Avidov
R&D Team Lead
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We migrated to Sentry SaaS in under 5 days with just 3 engineers. Now we can focus our efforts on building best in class team collaboration software instead of wasting time maintaining on-prem software.
David Angot
Engineering Manager
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Sentry helps our team fix the most important issues in each release. We can track how a release is trending by percent of crash-free sessions. With this data, we can remediate issues that impact the most users and move on to building more features.
Riot Games
Byron Dover
Engineering Manager for IT
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Sentry Security

Trust & security

Security and compliance are top priorities for Sentry because they are fundamental to your experience. We use a variety of industry-standard technologies and services to secure your data from unauthorized access

Sentry Security
Sentry Security
Sentry Security
Sentry Security
Sentry Security

Of course we have more content

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