Sentry Acquires Codecov

Ensuring code quality earlier in the development life cycle while increasing developer velocity and productivity

SAN FRANCISCO — November 30, 2022Sentry, the leader in developer-first application monitoring, today announced it has acquired Codecov, the leading dedicated code coverage reporting solution, providing developers with actionable insights into their workflow. The acquisition expands Sentry’s product offering for development teams to improve code quality and velocity even earlier in the development life cycle, helping to accelerate remediation and enabling the delivery of better end-user experiences.

“Our mission has always been to empower developers to ship high quality code, faster than anyone else through context and insights, versus dashboards and tools that frankly weren’t built for resolution,” said Milin Desai, CEO of Sentry. “The Codecov team shares this singular focus – and enables us to offer developers even more comprehensive insight into their application’s code quality earlier in the development cycle.”

Codecov is the leading dedicated code coverage solution, which helps thousands of development teams at companies like Lyft, Slack, Washington Post, GoodRx, and Alteryx, confidently ship stable code. Similar to Sentry, Codecov works within developers’ existing workflows for software development, providing feedback, insight, and ownership over the quality of code regardless of platform, language, or CI/CD tooling. With the acquisition, Sentry customers will benefit from insights and protection over their code quality both pre- and post-deployment.

“At Lyft, we want to help our developers reliably ship code as fast as possible by providing an environment that allows them to feel confident to make and ship changes in code,” said Jun Li, Staff Software Engineer at Lyft. “Codecov provides a source of truth for our teams. It reduces friction as it is flexible enough to fit into any language and CI/CD so engineers can see the impact and dig deeper into code changes, all in one place. The implementation of Codecov has improved the overall developer experience and we’re seeing more and more adoption of it across our teams.”

“From day one, our primary focus has been on using tools like code coverage to help developers ship quickly and reliably,” said Jerrod Engelberg, CEO of Codecov. “There’s an obvious alignment between Sentry and Codecov in how we empower developers to feel confident in making and shipping changes. We are climbing the same summit of software reliability from opposite sides, and with this, our customers new and old will experience faster development cycles, quicker discovery and remediation of bugs, and an overall better developer experience.”

Codecov providing intelligent code coverage furthers Sentry’s commitment to addressing the evolving needs of software developers who are using tooling that is not purpose-built for their workflows or their most pressing problems. The addition of Codecov, along with Sentry’s other recent investments will serve to evolve application monitoring for software developers everywhere.

Codecov’s talented and experienced team, including co-founders Jerrod Engelberg and Eli Hooten, will join the Sentry team.

Read the Sentry and Codecov blogs to learn more about how the companies will work together to bring a new level of actionable insight directly into the developer’s workflow.

About Sentry

For software teams, Sentry is essential for monitoring code health. From Error tracking to Performance monitoring, developers can see clearer, solve quicker, and learn continuously about their applications — from frontend to backend. Loved by more than 3.5 million developers and 85,000 organizations worldwide, Sentry provides code-level observability to many of the world’s best-known companies like Disney, Peloton, Cloudflare, Eventbrite, Slack, Supercell, and Rockstar Games. Learn more at or follow Sentry on GitHub, Twitter, Dribbble or LinkedIn.

About Codecov

Codecov is the leading dedicated code coverage reporting solution focused on helping developers quickly ship reliable code while helping engineering teams save time and improve the overall developer experience. The company helps thousands of development teams at some of the world’s largest companies like Lyft, Slack, Washington Post, GoodRx, and Alteryx, confidently deliver stable and bug-free code with highly integrated tools to surface coverage insights where they are needed.

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