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Write a Python Pandas DataFrame to a CSV file

Write a Python Pandas DataFrame to a CSV file

David Y.

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Using Python, how can I create a CSV file from a Pandas DataFrame? My DataFrame contains Unicode characters. Also, is there a way to use a character other than a comma as a delimiter?

The Solution

We can do this using the DataFrame object’s to_csv method, which provides several optional keyword arguments for handling different inputs and modifying its output. For example:

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import pandas as pd data = { "Name": ["Alice", "Bob", "André"], "Age": [30, 25, 35], "City": ["New York", "Paris", "London"], } df = pd.DataFrame(data) df.to_csv("people.csv", index=False, encoding="utf-8", sep=";")

After creating our DataFrame, we save it to people.csv, using the following keyword arguments:

  • index=False: this will prevent the DataFrame’s row labels from being included in the CSV file.
  • encoding="utf-8": this ensures that the file is saved with UTF-8 encoding, preserving the Unicode character in “André.”
  • sep=";": this tells our function to create a CSV file that uses semicolons rather than commas as delimiters.

Our people.csv file should look like this:

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Name;Age;City Alice;30;New York Bob;25;Paris André;35;London
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