Illustration of a sequence of git commits depicted as platforms in a line. One of commit is crumbling and has been engulfed in lava.

Track releases

Sentry can associate errors with a specific release so you’ll know exactly when errors are introduced.

Fixed the problem? Suppress duplicate errors and receive notifications if things regress in a future release.

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Understand your environment

Sentry knows which environment each error comes from, so you can snooze those staging errors until tomorrow morning.

Errors include detailed information about their environment so you’ll understand the conditions the error occurred in.

Triage on the fly by environment filtering to see only the errors that matter to you in your development lifecycle.

See the docs

Consider the users

Filter errors by user, to look into the exact errors they report and the history of their occurance.

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Add custom context

Search and filter custom tags that you supply and receive alerts when custom conditions are met.

See the docs

Seriously though, stop hoping your users will report bugs.

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