An illustration depicting a sequence of events. A user types F, Ü, N, scrolls down, clicks a checkbox, then an error happens due to encoding problems.

Prioritize by business impact

See things like payment processor API calls so you can fix bugs that impact your business first.

Understand everything

See everything that might cause errors, in context, including SQL queries and debug logs.

Find the root cause

Know when crashes are caused by other errors so you don't waste time debugging the wrong thing.

An illustration of a fake user interface, showing an xhr POST request, a click on a password field, an input event on the password field, and an exception being thrown.

Client side

Sentry's JavaScript breadcrumbs include most interaction events, from clicks and inputs to page navigation and console messages—even earlier-occurring errors.

An illustration of a fake user interface, showing two database queries, a POST request, and an exception being thrown.

Server side

Sentry server-side SDKs, including Python and PHP, provide breadcrumbs for logging messages, network requests, database queries, and more.

Privacy by default

Breadcrumbs don't include personal user information. For example, JavaScript breadcrumbs will show that an input was used, but not what was typed.

Seriously though, stop hoping your users will report bugs.

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