No one knows why good apps crash. Except for you. Get data on crash-free
sessions, crash-free users, version adoption, and more with Releases.

Data Depth

Are you seeing a decrease in crash-free sessions? Are several hundred customers experiencing the same issue on a new release? Resolve high-impact issues based on user session and crash data. Compare multiple releases, dive deeper into the history of any particular release, and see precisely when your release started to degrade.

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By identifying the moment your app begins to erode, Discover visualizes the impact of bugs from one release to the next. For example, if you notice a drop in crash-free users, Sentry will automatically build — and run — a query for events by release.

Version Adoption

Quickly see how a release is performing with your user base by tracking version adoption of your applications. Identify and resolve any upgrade blocking issues that are inadvertently introduced in new releases.

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