Sentry Integration Platform

Integrate with Sentry, so that our customers can easily use your services and your customers can easily use ours.

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Developers need services to develop code — this is a widely known and accepted fact. In an ideal world, these services would work together seamlessly. Sadly, we do not live in an ideal world, but instead reside in this broken, digital hell world. This makes us deeply sad.

But to cheer ourselves up and enable meaningful, useful (seamless) workflows on top of Sentry, we built the Sentry Integration Platform.

API & Webhooks

The Sentry Integration Platform includes a safe, straightforward way to grant access to Sentry Organization data.

Webhooks allow for easy consumption of important events from Sentry, like Issue creation.

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{ "elements": [{ "type": "stacktrace-link", "uri": "/debug", }] }

UI Augmentation

Add rich UI elements to Sentry itself through a declarative syntax that requires zero code.

Through a JSON-Schema based system, you can render a way for Users to link Sentry Issues to Issues in your service or open a specific line of a stacktrace in your tool.

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