Solve Sentry Issues with GitHub Copilot

AI-powered debugging with Sentry

Understand the root cause of errors and generate a fix within VS Code and GitHub.

With Sentry’s GitHub Copilot integration, you can interact with a Sentry agent through GitHub Copilot in VS Code and GitHub Issues. With context from Sentry and your GitHub repositories, you can resolve code-related issues faster.

  • View Sentry Issue debugging context through one interface in VS Code or GitHub
  • Quickly see potential root causes behind the problem
  • Ask Copilot to generate code to address the error
  • Copy-paste the suggested code and push the fix

As we bring these features to Sentry, data privacy is a top priority. To use this feature, your organization must have GitHub integrated with Sentry, and agree to the Sentry GitHub Copilot extension’s terms and conditions when installing it.

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Found in Settings > General Settings > Organization Slug in Sentry
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