How Cloudflare Built a Sentry Client to Help Developers Catch Exceptions in Workers

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Cloudflare Workers lets you quickly write code that is infinitely scalable — no availability regions, no scaling policies. While fast time to market and effortless scale are amazing benefits, seasoned developers know that as soon as your code is in the wild… stuff happens, and you need the tools in place to investigate, diagnose, fix and monitor those issues.

Join Robert & Sachin from Cloudflare and Shana from Sentry as they discuss how Cloudflare used Sentry’s APIs to build Toucan-js, an open source, Sentry client for Cloudflare Workers that makes it easy to convert basic logging into full application monitoring. In this workshop, we’ll talk about:

  • Why Cloudflare decided to integrate with Sentry
  • What the development process was like
  • How Toucan-js helps developers solve issues and learn continuously about their code

At Sentry, we were curious about how developers were building on our tools to solve their problems. So we decided to ask them. This integration workshop series highlights the stories of developers who have built tools that extend Sentry’s code observability capabilities, from public integrations to internal tooling. Every episode, a new developer tells us what, why, and how they built what they did, along with the value it brings to their end users and any advice they have for others looking to build on Sentry.


  • Robert Cepa

  • Sachin Fernandes

  • Shana Matthews

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