Intro to Sentry - Live Product Tour

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  • Neil Manvar
    Director of Solutions Engineering, Sentry

  • Sasha Blumenfeld
    Product Marketing Lead, Sentry

This event already happened but we haven’t updated this resource yet. Check back soon for what will surely be riveting thought leadership content.

Sick of wasting cycles playing whack-a-mole with bugs? Sentry’s got you. No sales meeting required.

Join Neil Manvar, Director of Solutions Engineering at Sentry, to learn how Sentry tells you what’s broken - and where - so you can get back to building. In this 20-minute demo, Neil will show how Sentry’s code-level visibility—from pre- to post-release—lets developers find and fix errors and slowdowns and deploy with confidence.

See Sentry’s:

  • Agentless setup process with framework-level integrations.
  • Code coverage: Analyze code coverage right from your PR and enforce coverage targets to keep code quality high and prevent issues
  • Error monitoring: Debug with source code in the stack trace, breadcrumbs, and Session Replay to address runtime issues quickly.
  • Performance + Profiling: Detect inefficiencies and slowdowns- go from a slow render or endpoint and drill down down to the problematic code.
  • Find out where performance can be improved and where it will have the most impact
  • Release Health and Dashboards: Understand how specific releases are performing and create queries and visuals to monitor application health.
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