Sentry vs Crashlytics: Deep Dive & Live Demo


We get a lot of questions from mobile developers about the difference between Sentry and Firebase Crashlytics, a lightweight crash reporting tool. In this workshop, we provided all the details you need to know to make an informed decision. Join Sentry product manager Zoe Chou and Developer Advocate Lazar Nikolov to see:

  • A side-by-side product comparison between Sentry and Crashlytics
  • Why Sentry’s product philosophy sets it apart
  • How Sentry can help your team increase your crash-free rate and solve errors, faster

We also heard from an experienced mobile developer, Oscar Bernal, founder of Spin Tennis App, who shared why he chose Sentry after using both tools.


  • Lazar Nikolov photo

    Lazar Nikolov

    Developer Advocate, Sentry

  • Zoe Chou photo

    Zoe Chou

    Product Manager, Sentry Sentry

  • Oscar Bernal photo

    Oscar Bernal

    Founder Spin Tennis App

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