Upgrading vs Migrating - How Atlassian Scaled Developer Efficiency in One Week


With millions of monthly active users across Bitbucket and Jira, Atlassian relied heavily on the real-time telemetry they got from their open source instance of Sentry. However, because it took the equivalent of two full-time engineers to maintain their out-of-date instance, Atlassian started to explore paths to upgrade or migrate to SaaS, as the risk of things breaking increased with each new release.

Join Senior Engineer Santosh Bala as he shares the good, bad, and unknowns of leading Atlassian’s surprisingly short migration from Sentry open source to SaaS, helping scale their engineering teams’ efficiency.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Atlassian’s tips for accelerating the migration process
  • Atlassian’s mistakes to avoid and lessons learned
  • The pros and cons of upgrading versus migrating
"We had the equivalent of two full time engineers maintaining an older version of Sentry. It was scary because if anything broke, we were left to fix it by ourselves. At our scale, running our own instance of Sentry didn't make sense anymore. We migrated to Sentry SaaS in under 5 days and 3 engineers. Now we can focus our efforts to making best in class dev tools instead wasting time maintaining on prem software." - David Angot, Engineering Manager


  • Richard Propst

  • Santosh Bala

    Senior Engineer Atlassian

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