Sentry Acquires Analytics Firm Specto to Add Continuous Profiling to Mobile Application Monitoring

Founders, Former Facebook Mobile Engineers to Join Sentry Team, bringing exceptional experience in mobile application development

SAN FRANCISCO — December 8, 2021Sentry, the leader in application monitoring, announced it has acquired Specto, a mobile profiling tool that gives developers data and analytics around their app performance. The addition of Specto adds deeper context in mobile application monitoring that will bring additional value for Sentry customers.

Amidst an explosion of applications, every development team is under pressure to deliver near-perfect product experiences to retain users and grow their businesses. This is especially true for mobile teams, although these developers have historically been neglected, having few “mobile-first” solutions for application monitoring. But mobile is no longer a standalone platform for most companies, as evidenced by a 200% increase in mobile projects across Sentry’s user base. Having a cohesive platform for error monitoring, performance monitoring, release health, and robust analytics for all languages and platforms enables massive efficiency and gains in application health.

Sentry CEO Milin Desai said the Specto acquisition is part of Sentry’s commitment to bring continuous profiling to a larger audience and code observability to a new level.

“When we added Performance Monitoring to our core platform last year, developers not only saw the power of a singular workflow to see, solve and learn from slowdowns and crashes together, but the cohesion and speed that engineering teams can experience error monitoring, performance monitoring, release health, and robust analytics in one place,” Desai said. “We believe the depth that profiling brings to developers aligns closely with our vision to empower developers to own their application health.”

The acquisition is part of Sentry’s commitment to bring deeper insights and monitoring for mobile applications. Earlier this year the company announced Release Health, which surfaces issues in user experience and pinpoints exactly where a release began to degrade. Armed with data — such as user adoption, application usage, and session data, and insight into the impact of crashes and bugs as they relate to user experience — mobile teams are empowered to deliver reliable, performant apps, and superior application experiences, which is a critical factor in building trust and loyalty with customers.

As part of the acquisition, Specto’s talented and experienced team, including co-founders and former Facebook mobile engineers Jernej Strasner and Indragie Karunaratne, will join the Sentry team. The Specto team brings not only deep profiling experience, but also a first-class commitment to developers, and not just machines.

“Like Sentry, Specto is an engineering-driven company. We’re solving an engineering problem for engineers,” said Strasner. “We’re excited to partner with Sentry and bring our expertise in mobile performance to create the only truly first-class, unified platform for code observability.”

Read the Sentry and Specto blogs to learn more about how the companies will work together to bring a new level of visibility into mobile apps in production.

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