Sentry Expands Capabilities as Demand Increases for Mobile Application Monitoring

Sentry's platform helps developers diagnose, fix, and optimize the performance of their code.

SAN FRANCISCO — May 19, 2020Sentry, the market leader in application monitoring, continues to expand capabilities that deliver mission-critical value for more than 1 million developers and 55,000 organizations worldwide. By adding deeper insights and monitoring for mobile applications with Release Health, free for all users, Sentry remains an essential tool for every developer working to deliver superior customer experiences with their code in any language or on any platform.

Delivering flawless mobile experiences is a growing priority for many organizations—evidenced by a 200% increase in mobile projects across Sentry’s user base. Studies show that most apps are deleted within a week, often due to crashes, bugs, and stability issues, which becomes a business-critical concern as more organizations leverage mobile applications as a primary channel to engage with customers. Developers work tirelessly to deliver updates that improve application stability, add new features and enhance usability, but without visibility into what users are experiencing, it can be difficult to stay ahead of issues.

Sentry’s Release Health surfaces issues in user experience and pinpoints exactly where a release began to degrade. Metrics for version adoption, crash-free sessions and crash-free users, as well as real-time crash reporting and run-time errors within a single view, give developers a holistic, comprehensive view of application health. Armed with data, teams can deliver reliable, performant apps and superior application experiences—a critical factor in building trust and loyalty with customers.

The development team at Popsa, a mobile-based solution that automatically creates beautiful photo books based on metadata in photos, has been using Sentry since 2018. After using the Release Health beta, Co-founder and CTO Tom Cohen saw a measurable increase in efficiency that gave his team more time to focus on more strategic tasks. According to Tom, “Release Health is a game-changer for us. Being able to detect bad releases quickly and track crash-free users over time helps us move faster as a team and lets us solve what matters most to our customers. Sentry is a must-have when building and maintaining mobile applications.”

Release Health provides visibility into user adoption, usage of the application, percentage of crashes, and session data, and rich insight into the impact of crashes and bugs as they relate to user experience. Developers can connect health metrics to Sentry’s upgraded, custom query builder, Discover, to surface trends with each new issue through the release details, graphs, and filters. Sentry’s Android and iOS customers can update their SDKs to access Release Health capabilities.

With SDKs for every language, library, and platform, Sentry offers full-stack application monitoring with powerful tools to help any developer diagnose, fix, and optimize their code. Enterprise teams that centralize [monitoring] with Sentry can easily navigate issues across the entire organization with cross-platform visibility and insights for engineers, support, product, and beyond.

Learn more about Sentry for Mobile Release Health on the company blog or visit to get started with just four lines of code.

About Sentry

Sentry’s mission is to eliminate the havoc and potential financial loss associated with defective software by making best-in-class application monitoring available to all software teams. Sentry is performant, reliable and scalable. Unlike legacy application performance management, logging, and systems monitoring, Sentry points to the potential root-cause, empowering developers to quickly and efficiently triage and prioritize issues for the best possible end-user experience. Sentry cloud-hosted services are used to proactively find and fix software errors for more than 50,000 organizations worldwide—and many of the world’s best software companies—including, Atlassian, Cloudflare, Disney, GitHub and Microsoft. Learn more at


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