Dismissing the keyboard in SwiftUI

Lazar Nikolov

The Problem

There are cases where we want to manually dismiss the iOS keyboard, either by tapping on a certain button, or after submitting a form. Tapping away from the focused element will not dismiss the keyboard by default.

The Solution

To achieve that, there is a nifty utility function that you can create in your project. Create a KeyboardUtils.swift file within your project and paste the following code:

import UIKit func hideKeyboard() { UIApplication.shared.sendAction(#selector(UIResponder.resignFirstResponder), to: nil, from: nil, for: nil) }

The function sends a resignFirstResponder action to the shared UIApplication, which makes any selected element let go of the focus and dismiss the keyboard.

We can use this function in a form handler:

func handleCreate() { // ... // send create API call // ... // clear the form fields self.amount = "" self.date = Date() self.note = "" // dismiss the keyboard hideKeyboard() }

Or we can even create a toolbar with a keyboard dismiss button thatll be present on top of our keyboard:

// create a toolbar at the root of our form .toolbar { // set the placement of the toolbard to the keyboard ToolbarItemGroup(placement: .keyboard) { Spacer() // create a keyboard dismiss button Button { // dismiss the keyboard on press hideKeyboard() } label: { Label("Dismiss", systemImage: "keyboard.chevron.compact.down") } } }
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