How to change user password in PostgreSQL?

Richard C.

The Problem

In PostgreSQL, how do you change a user’s password? And how do you reset the superuser password if you forget it?

The Solution

To change a user’s password you need to be logged into PostgreSQL as a user with superuser or alter role permissions. Then run this command in your SQL terminal:

ALTER USER username WITH PASSWORD 'pword';

If you are working in a terminal and want to log in as the default postgres user to do the above, use:

psql -U postgres

If you have forgotten your postgres user password and need to reset it, you can run the following command in a terminal:

sudo -u postgres psql

Now in psql enter the command to change your password.


Enter and confirm your new superuser password.

If you are on Windows you do not have access to su and may need to change your localhost machine to trusted in the file pg_hba.conf.

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