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Fixing Socket Hang Up errors

Fixing Socket Hang Up errors

Richard Roggenkemper

What are Socket Hang Up Errors?

There are two scenarios where socket hang up errors can occur. First, if there is no timely response from a server, then the error is thrown. Second, if the server has begun acting on a request, but the request is cancelled, then the error can also be thrown.

For example, a user refreshing their page after waiting for a response, might trigger a socket hang up error because the original request is aborted. However, in this scenario, the error would not be critical because it is an expected action.

How to fix Socket Hang Up Errors?

Because there are a lot of causes of socket hang up errors, there are a lot of potential solutions to fixing this errors which include:

  • Using the wrong HTTP/HTTPS server. Sometimes, having require(http) when consuming https can cause socket hang up errors. To fix this, change require(http) to require(https).
  • Ensuring you have an end to the request. For some requests, not having request.end() will also cause this error.
  • Ensure your URL is correct. Having the wrong URL path could mean a mismatch which causes a socket hang up error. Make sure all the URL paths are correct.

Framework-Specific Reasons

Next.js: Version

Some versions of Next.js and Prisma may be causing socket hang up errors. Updrading/downgraing to certain versions of Next.js and Prisma can help stop these errors. See the following GitHub discussion for more information.

Some versions of the Sentry Next.js SDK might also cause socket hang up errors. Upgrading to 7.87.0 should help solve these problems.

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