At Sentry, we care. And because we care, we want to prove it — by making it easier for organizations doing good work to use our product.


Registered 501c3 organizations qualify for 500k events/month

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Code for America
Boy Scouts of America
Resolve to Save Lives
Bayes Impact
Shelter Tech
Break Out
Operation Code
Minneapolis Institue of Art


As an open source company ourselves, we understand the importance that a little help can do. We're dedicated to growing the open source community.

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Raspberry Pi Foundation
Rails Girls
Read the Docs
Python Software Foundation
Open Data Kit



If you are using Sentry for your classes, you are eligible for a sponsored account for your students.

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Join GitHub's Student Developer Pack for 500,000 events/month with unlimited projects and members.

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University of Toronto
University of Sydney
University of Southampton
Queensland University of Technology
University of Waterloo
Purdue University

Questions you may or may not have

  • What do I get in a sponsored account?

    Sponsored accounts get 500k sponsored events per month on a Teams plan. Soon, you'll have the ability to upgrade at a discounted rate if you want to use more Sentry (we're working on this).

  • Is there an event cap? What if I need more?

    Under a sponsored plan you get 500k sponsored events per month. If you need more than that, we will work with you to get you on the best plan for your volume.

  • What if another team in my organization is already using us?

    The sponsorship is per organization and not for team. If your organization already has a Sentry account, you can link accounts within the same org, and setup rate limiting so that one team doesn't cannibalize all the events.

  • I'm a registered non-profit, open source tool, or edu, do I qualify?

    Probably, but you must comply within our Terms of Service. We have the right to turn off or reject any account for any reason, if we believe that your organization is not in compliance with our term's of service.

  • If I’m a social enterprise or a B-Corp do I qualify for this?

    No, if you make profit then you do not qualify for this specific program, but it’s great that you’re a B-Corp. Go you for doing cool things!