Cut Time to Resolution from Five Hours to Five Minutes


Developers rarely have the information they need to fix real problems at the source. Even in agile organizations, key details of issues that affect user experience are usually caught in a lengthy game of telephone between customer support, QA, and product management:

  • Is the bug serious? What’s the impact?
  • Should we roll back? Should we roll forward?
  • Do we have the context to fix the right thing?
  • Who should own resolution? How long will it take?
  • Should we prioritize this error over current projects?
  • Can it be prevented? Can we prevent regression?

By closing the insight gap, Sentry helps product teams reduce the upstream cost of errors by up to 98%, cutting remediation time from hours to minutes. Full visibility and control means developers can remove technical overhead, address root cause, improve decision-making, and stay in their workflow to focus on building software that makes customers’ lives better. Download the full data sheet to learn more!

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