The Ownership Dilemma for Application Issues


When an application crashes or a page doesn’t load, whose job is it to fix it in your company? In many organizations, the onus is often put on operations or reliability teams — but is that how it should be?

In partnership with SlashDataTM, we surveyed over 140 Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) and DevOps specialists to understand their biggest time-sinks, headaches, goals and their overall perspective of the ideal ownership model for fixing their website, mobile, or native app — when it inevitably breaks.

Decentralization of ownership — of code, tooling, budgets and more

Increasingly, modern organizations are moving towards a “you build it, you own it” culture within their engineering teams and expect this to become the norm over the next couple of years. If you wrote the code, shouldn’t you be the one to fix it?

We’ve highlighted a few of the insights below, but for the full Infrastructure vs Applications Data report, you can download the full report.

Whose line is it anyways?

62% of respondents report that the most common challenge they face is an unclear ownership boundary between application and infrastructure issues.

chart titled "Main challenges in relation to SRE/DevOps activities"

Don’t make me chase you

The number one activity that SRE/DevOps specialists would like to spend less time doing is chasing down others to resolve application issues with 74% of respondents agreeing to this statement.

chart titled, "which of the following activities do you feel your organisation should spend more/less time on in order to perform DevOps or SRE more effectively?"

Time well spent?

SRE/DevOps specialists are more likely to spend time fixing application code than vulnerabilities in infrastructure – nearly 3 in 10 spend 40%+ of their time fixing application issues, compared to nearly 2 in 10 who spend 40%+ of their time on infrastructure.

chart titled, "How much of your time is spent on each of the following activities?"

Decentralization is the way to go

52% of SRE/DevOps specialists work in organizations where the engineering culture is “you build it, you own it”.

chart titled, "Engineering and development culture within respondents’ organisations"

58% of SRE/DevOps specialists would prefer that each department have the autonomy and control to choose the tooling that’s right for their teams.

chart titled, "Budget and purchasing control within organisation"

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