Screenshot of an example of a PagerDuty response console, as if it were managing escalations for alerts sent by Sentry issues

Notifications from multiple projects

Sentry sends alerts via PagerDuty for the incident response and intelligence workflows you define. You can associate a single PagerDuty integration key with as many Sentry projects as you want.

Enable your development and operations teams to get a full view of errors, alerted according to escalation policy, notification urgency, and response behavior from everywhere in your app.

Screenshot of an example of an on-call scheduler in PagerDuty, as it might relate to receiving and handling errors sent by Sentry

Get paged in real time

Start by following these steps to create an integration key for Sentry in PagerDuty.

Then go to your Sentry project's Settings page, select All integrations, choose PagerDuty, and click Configure plugin. Click to edit the PagerDuty integration and enter and save your integration key. Click on Alerts in the sidebar and click to enable the PagerDuty integration.

Seriously though, stop hoping your users will report bugs.

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