Screenshot of an error in the main chat feed

Link to Bitbucket Issues

Link production errors to Bitbucket Issues with a single click. Give your team the context they need, beyond the enigmatic ValueError title.

Go to your Sentry project settings, enable the Bitbucket plugin, and add your repository name.

Video of a Sentry user adding a Bitbucket repository to augment error data with commit details

Suggest issue owners based on commit data

Configure Bitbucket Pipelines to notify Sentry of new commits and deploys, surfacing suspect commits and commiters via Releases. Simply add your repository through your organization's Sentry dashboard and update your configuration to make an HTTP request to Sentry’s endpoints as code moves through the deploy process.

Screenshot of a Sentry issue page for the backend app, including release details

Get a complete picture of any change

Extra release context helps you track which commits go where and when. Get a complete picture of the changeset’s lifecycle via informative deploy emails for new releases.

Resolve errors super efficiently by including fixes <SHORT-ID> in your commit message.

Seriously though, stop hoping your users will report bugs.

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