Screenshot of a Trello card creation step from a Sentry issue, including the error stack trace

A big board for bugs

Sentry’s Trello integration makes error triage a team sport. Create a Trello card with a single click when new bugs appear.

Cards from Sentry issues include important details from the stack trace so you can easily label, prioritize, and assign the error. Your team then comments and moves cards across Trello lists for a timely and visible resolution workflow.

Screenshot of a Trello board created from Sentry issues with a series of lists depicting an example error tracking workflow

Resolve errors with your team

Configure the plugin with an API key and an authorization token from Trello to start sending new Sentry issues to your error tracking board.

Get the plugin

Add error cards to your Sentry Trello board in seconds

A video of the workflow for creating and labeling a Trello card from an error in Sentry

Seriously though, stop hoping your users will report bugs.

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