Video of the workflow for enrolling in two-factor authentication using a YubiKey U2F device to protect your Sentry login

Strong and easy 2FA

Enable YubiKey 2FA on your Sentry account to protect yourself from malware, phishing, and man-in-the-middle attacks. Yubico's U2F devices can also be used to confirm the sudo prompt.

Learn more about the importance and ease of deploying two-factor authentication for Sentry.

Video of how a user logs in to Sentry with two-factor authentication using a YubiKey U2F device

Vet security at any scale

YubiKeys integrate easily with Sentry right out of the box. Yubico provides a hosted validation service, open source server software, and native integration in hundreds of other apps.

Sentry’s organization list also displays who has 2FA enabled so users can vet their own organization’s security.

Seriously though, stop hoping your users will report bugs.

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