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How App Nouveau Canada Creates Specialized Software with Sentry Error Monitoring

App Nouveau is a Canadian professional services company that builds transportation management system software. As developers of highly-specialized software solutions, App Nouveau needs a robust error monitoring tool to deliver world-class code required by its commercial clients.

App Nouveau recently began using Sentry to uplevel a few key areas in the code development lifecycle. Chief Technical Officer Paito Anderson and his team decided to switch to Sentry just a few months ago. They have already seen major upgrades and benefits, including Sentry’s ability to deliver mobile and C# back end error tracking on a single platform.

Getting mobile and C# back end-all on one platform was a big win.

4 Reasons to Switch to Sentry

There are a number of other key features that Sentry was able to provide App Nouveau, that made the decision to switch to Sentry the right choice and sets Sentry apart from other error monitoring platforms.

1. Source Maps: Sentry’s support for source maps has been a huge factor for App Nouveau, something the previous error monitoring tool did not support. Anderson and his team use the source map features to know exactly what line of code is broken, a massive time saver that helps his developers find and fix issues much faster than before.

Source mapping is brilliant — knowing what line is broken is a massive time-saver, and helps me find the problem faster.

2. Breadcrumbs: The App Nouveau team also uses breadcrumbs to see what the customer was trying to accomplish before the error, which provides more context to not only fix the direct issue but understand deeper problems that may need to be corrected.

3. Suspect Commits: The suspect commits feature is another key tool for Anderson, it gives developers a head start by suggesting commits that might have introduced an error right on the details page.

4. SDKs: App Nouveau has found particular benefit from Sentry’s .NET and React Native SDKs. The team notched a big win using the React Native SDK to record native exceptions.

Integrations and Onboarding

In addition to the main features and benefits of Sentry’s core error monitoring system, the communication tools Sentry offers helps the team stay on top of any issues. Most importantly, Sentry is flexible enough to integrate with other platforms the App Nouveau team relies on.

App Nouveau developers use Sentry’s Slack and GitHub integrations in favor of email notifications, streamlining error notification processes to fit the communication platforms and avenues that work best for a specialized group of developers moving fast on big projects.

Onboarding can also be a difficult part of any new technology. However, Sentry has dedicated a good portion of product development and company resources to onboarding support, providing a host of easy to navigate documents and dedicated customer support. Anderson found the Sentry onboarding process smooth, which was a huge win for his team, which didn’t have the time to get tied up in a confusing or difficult onboarding process. They needed Sentry operating and integrated right away.

Since installing Sentry, App Nouveau has been able to streamline processes by bringing cross-language and platform error monitoring under one service, and Sentry’s key features, including source maps and breadcrumbs, provide specific value to the development process at App Nouveau. With Sentry error monitoring in place, App Nouveau developers will continue to build exceptional software for their clients.

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