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A session replay tool built for developers

Most session replay tools are lacking when it comes to connecting user sessions with error and performance issues. Luckily, Session Replay by Sentry isn’t like that. Watch how end users encountered an error while navigating console logs, network calls, and other vital context to find the root cause faster.

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All replay tools can help you better understand how users interact with your application. Only Session Replay shows you how users are impacted by issues and then help you find the root cause of the problem. Here are the differences between Sentry and the rest...

Sentry gives developers

  • Sampled replays for ALL errors
  • Troubleshoot frontend or backend issues impacting the user experience all in one place
  • Embedded developer tools to help identify root causes
  • Out-of-the-box connection of back-end errors to your user experience
  • A privacy-first approach to securing user session data


Traditional Tools

Ability to sample replays tied to errors


A session replay tool that’s fully integrated into a greater application monitoring workflow


Embedded debugging context to help identify root cause


Out-of-the-box connection of back-end errors to your user experience


Prevent private data from appearing in replays


“Session Replay has been instrumental in helping us resolve these types of hydration errors. With Replay, we can visually see the jankiness of the page and pinpoint which components were impacted, saving us hours of manual debugging.”

Laszlo Gaal

Triage and troubleshoot issues that impact your user experience — all in one place

Session Replay bridges the gap between code and user experience by helping you pinpoint exactly where errors occur in your user experience. And because fixing fast matters, Session Replay is fully integrated into Sentry’s application monitoring workflows so you don’t have to switch between multiple tools to get the context you need.

Pinpoint issues faster with critical debugging features

Built specifically for developers, Session Replay mirrors the browser dev tools experience by providing console logs, DOM events, network request/response bodies, and more. While other replay platforms try to satisfy the needs of product managers, marketing, and other teams, Sentry’s Session Replay focuses on the needs of developers.

Embedded in your Sentry workflow

Session Replay is built right into the Sentry platform, so you can view recorded user sessions directly in your workflow. Other replay tools are standalone, so you have to switch between solutions to troubleshoot.

Prioritize capturing replays with errors

Sample replays that matter most to you by only capturing replays when users encounter errors. The generic sampling of other replay tools can miss the important, buggy replays and require switching between tools to map your issues to a replay.

Trace user experience to backend errors

With Session Replay you can watch replays associated with your backend web projects to help you catch backend errors and slow queries that impact the user experience. Other tools focus on frontend errors, but Sentry gives you the full picture.

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And finally, we have strong privacy controls in place to ensure no sensitive information leaves the browser. This means all images and text inputs are masked by default and advanced configuration options are provided so you can capture the context you need for debugging.

See how Session Replay compares with other replay tools

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According to Sentry’s 2023 independent research study, being unable to identify the impact of issues on end users negatively impacts a developer's workflow – and their happiness. Download the free report now to learn more and see how your happiness as a developer matches up with 1,100 of your peers.

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