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Learn how to get the most from Sentry when you’re starting out. You’ll learn how Sentry can make it much easier to tackle application errors as they happen, as well as how to:

Using Sentry on Enterprise and Business Plans

This guide assumes you’ve already integrated Sentry’s SDK into your code and sent an event. The list below provides Sentry’s recommendations for how best to use Sentry after you’ve taken your first steps.

SDK Configuration

Surfacing context in your SDK configuration is a great first step to increasing visibility for all of the exceptions that come in to Sentry. By doing this, you can expose important pieces of metadata related to different parts of your application. As such, the suggestions below will enable your team to triage and prioritize issues in Sentry more effectively.

Premium Customer Success

Give your customers the best experience possible with Premium Customer Success (PCS). Amplify your software team in 90 days or less with custom training, system health checks, and dedicated lines of communication. Keep your system up-to-date on current best practices with a team of Sentry Experts and ongoing system health checks.

Alert Rules

Alert Rules are a core component to Sentry’s workflow system. They enable powerful rule creation to inform developers of inbound errors, with the added understanding that not all errors are equal. Using alert rules, you can configure Sentry to notify your team when they need to take action.

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