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Overview of Cloud Services

Sentry’s mission is to eliminate the havoc and potential financial loss associated with defective software, by making best-in-class application monitoring available to all software teams.

Sentry Data Security

Sentry invests heavily into keeping your data safe. Download the PDF below to check out what we’ve done so far.

Sentry Single Tenant Instance

The goal with Single Tenant solution is to give you a SaaS like experience, except your resources and liabilities are not shared with other tenants. Your data is isolated. You get guaranteed uptime, support, and a fully managed solution by Sentry.

Self Hosted or Cloud Sentry?

As you likely know, Sentry provides error-tracking and monitoring for virtually every language and framework. What you may not know is that Sentry has both an open-source and a hosted cloud solution that are functionally the same.

The Sentry Workflow

Errors are inevitable (in life and in code), causing a lost trust from customers, lost revenue, and decreased team productivity. Instead of trying to eliminate them altogether, we should minimize the impact that these errors have on the software development process

Cut Time to Resolution from Five Hours to Five Minutes

Developers rarely have the information they need to fix real problems at the source. Even in agile organizations, key details of issues that affect user experience are usually caught in a lengthy game of telephone between customer support, QA, and product management:

Sentry a Rising Star on Forbes 2017 Cloud 100 List

Sentry, the global leader in error tracking, is named one of the 20 Rising Stars as part of the Forbes 2017 Cloud 100 list, the definitive list of private cloud companies in the world, published by Forbes in collaboration with Bessemer Venture Partners.

What is Sentry Scouts?

We’ve all been to bad meet-ups. You know how it goes: sometimes there’s no WiFi, sometimes there’s a monotonous speaker, sometimes they run so long that you don’t get to chat with anyone afterwards. And the cherry on top… the “subtle” product pitch at the end.

Developer Efficiency and the Power of Knowing

Sentry is the world’s most widely used error tracking tool, monitoring more than 250 millions events per day and loved by more than 100,000 developers globally. For the first time, every developer can get instant visibility into how their production code affects real users and automatically triage and resolve issues as part of their existing workflow.

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