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David Cramer

Self Hosted or Cloud Sentry?

As you likely know, Sentry provides error-tracking and monitoring for virtually every language and framework. What you may not know is that Sentry has both an open-source and a hosted cloud solution that are functionally the same.

Sentry is open-source because we believe the right to learn and to share what is learned with others is fundamental to product growth and relevance. We started as open-source and plan to keep it that way.

Despite open-source being core to our roots and values, we don’t necessarily recommend it for everyone. In addition to existing hidden costs, as Sentry evolves, our open-source will become more complex, demanding additional types of infrastructure. Our internal system that powers our newest features will also advance and require more containers, including one for a new database.

Download this PDF to learn more about the costs of hosting Sentry yourself vs subscribing to Sentry’s cloud service.