Make Your Games Better with the New Sentry Unity SDK

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From Pokemon Go to Fall Guys, Unity powers some of the most popular games. If you build games, chances are you’ve spent some time tinkering in Unity. And at Sentry, we’ve been doing some serious tinkering with our Unity SDK to make the “oh $#*%” moments of game development happen less.

One of the most exciting updates is that Sentry is now the only platform to provide Unity stack trace line numbers for version 2020.3 onwards. Join Sentry Unity SDK software engineer, Arpad Bosos, as he walks through how Sentry built stack trace line numbers and how it can help you significantly lower time to resolution when debugging.

Next watch Sentry Unity SDK software engineer, Stefan Jandl, demo a new mobile game he’s built. Stefan will walk through how to set up Sentry, use performance monitoring to make his app faster, and debug different error types using the Sentry Unity package.

In this session, we’ll cover:

  • How Sentry architected stack trace line number for Unity IL2CPP events and how they can save you time
  • How to solve common error types in your Unity app
  • How to fix jank and slow screens in your Unity mobile app


  • Arpad Borsos

  • Stefan Jandl

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